8 Dating DOs and DON’Ts That Apply To Your Content Marketing Strategy

by mdeziel

content marketing dos and donts, valentines day

Whether you’re single and ready to snapchat, flirting to up your follower counts, dating and deepening engagement, or committed and converting, these romantic truisms are just as valuable for helping your content marketing strategy blossom.


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SWIPE LEFT:  Trying to seal the deal too soon

Ok, YES. You CAN technically get some conversions if you just go out without a strategy or any lead-up, just trying to convert everyone and anyone the first time you come in contact with someone. But if you’re trying to gain longtime devotees, then the quality of those connections isn’t going to be sufficient for your overall goals.

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SWIPE RIGHT: Thinking long term

Sure, you can create a decently long-lasting impression with a big splashy one-time interaction that totally blows someone away, be it an amazing first date with front row tickets to the big game or an expensive one-time 30-second spot during that same game. But it’s the follow up — the sustained contact, the ongoing outreach and the consistently demonstrated effort — that creates really strong partnerships and lasting impressions.


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SWIPE LEFT: Only talking about yourself

When it comes to a date or a content marketer, nobody wants to spend a lot of time with someone who only talks about themselves. If you’re constantly bragging, lauding your own accomplishments and promoting your best attributes, you’re likely to bore people at best, and totally turn them off at worst.

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SWIPE RIGHT: Being A Good Listener

Really take an interest in getting to know your audience. Listen. Ask questions. Show empathy. Surprise and delight. Share personal stories in response to theirs. Once you’ve established some authentic trust and chemistry, your chances of taking things to the next level will be much better.


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SWIPE LEFT: Being A One Trick Pony

Whether it’s a great white paper or your favorite date restaurant, even great things are best in moderation. Don’t keep serving up the same experiences, phrases, or other things day after day (or week after week) without thinking about what your audience is into and whether they’re as interested in your “favorite thing” as you are.


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SWIPE RIGHT: Keeping It Fresh

Just because you converted someone doesn’t mean you can stop trying to impress them. Don’t let the novelty wear off. New ideas,  experiences, new conversation topics, and ways of engaging with and connecting to each other help the relationship continue to grow over time, and it helps people remember the reason they fell for you in the first place!


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SWIPE LEFT: Invading personal space

There are some situations and places that we just want to keep to ourselves, and that’s OK. Don’t go trying to stick your nose in someone’s medicine cabinet or trying to artificially insert yourself into their private social spheres before you’ve reach that level of intimacy, or you’ll be dropped and blocked before you ever get the invitation.


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SWIPE RIGHT: Respecting Privacy

Some information is just meant to be kept close. If someone trusts you enough to share their personal information, preferences and their secrets, you should respect that. Don’t go sharing that data with your friends, no matter how close you are or how much the premise you they won’t tell.