Hi. I’m Melanie Deziel. You can call me @mdeziel.

I believe that quality branded content helps advertisers provide deeper value to their audience, creates vital new revenue streams for publishers, and opens opportunities for talented creators to make truly great work. 

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As a native ad strategist and speaker, my mission is to educate as many people as possible about the power of brand storytelling through my writing, speaking, workshops, consulting, startup advising and through my native ad industry newsletter, The Overlap League.

Among my proudest achievements and honors, I have degrees in journalism from UConn and Syracuse, of which I was one of 50 honored alums. I’m a member of the board of the Native Advertising Institute, a former executive judge of the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, and the author of the native ads that won the 2014 and 2015 Best Native Advertising Execution OMMA Award.

I’ve done content strategy, business development and branded content creation for The New York Times’s T Brand Studio, HuffPost Partner Studio, and Time Inc’s portfolio of 35+ media properties.

Right now, I travel the world giving keynotes, presentations and workshops that teach marketers, publishers, creators and companies how to create the best possible brand storytelling.


Melanie Deziel taken by William Coles

Thanks to my photog pal, William Coles for this cool shot: @WilliamHC3

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